[wp-hackers] Mysql.com cracked, possible bad PR for WordPress

Mark E mark at simplercomputing.net
Wed Mar 30 13:37:25 UTC 2011

This msg you posted was extremely uninformative.  It'd be nice to know 
up front that the 2 links you pointed us all at lead to pages that offer 
zero useful information, unless you want an iteration of databases 
installed at mysql.com and a link to some soft porn.

The implication you attempted to tie to this run of the mill hack job 
was that somehow it might lead to bad PR for WP. Got any useful info 
about that?

On 03/30/2011 07:21 AM, Vid Luther wrote:
> So, security lists are going to have a field day with this one, and I
> wanted to help this community  get ahead of it.

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