[wp-hackers] [GSOC 2011] Natural Language to SQL Translator

Dhruv Baldawa dhruvbaldawa at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 03:42:00 UTC 2011

Hello Friends,
I have recently been developing a Paper Conference Management System,
during which the need arises of multiple report generations. The
database being normalized, the queries then comprises of various joins
and conditions.

So, I am thinking of developing a Natural Language to SQL Translator,
I have done the background work and it just requires 2 json files,
which need to be given to the
PHP script. Consider it as a metadata for the given system.

It take queries like :

get author details with papers(name = "ABC") with tracks(name = "XYZ")

and generates SQL queries like :

SELECT authors.id, authors.name
FROM authors,papers,tracks
WHERE authors.id = papers.id AND
papers.track_id = tracks.id AND
papers.name = "ABC" AND
tracks.name = "XYZ"

I would like to develop this as a wordpress module for my GSOC project.

Also, one of the modules which can be developed for GSOC project, is a
desktop notification module, which can be used to give out desktop
notifications from any Wordpress website to user's browser, which
support desktop notifications like Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium,

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