[wp-hackers] Confused regarding ideas for GSOC 2011

Gaurav Aggarwal gaurav91.2008 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 12:15:08 UTC 2011

I am undergraduate Computer Science student. I am applying for gsoc 2011
under Wordpress. I have narrowed down on following ideas but I am not able
to decide which one will be best as a gsoc project. Please help me by
providing any comments or advice.

*My Wordpress experience*: I am using Wordpress as a blogger for last 18
months and I started developing plugins just 5 months back. I have 1 plugin
in repo and 2 patches in trac.

1* Wordpress Android Tablet Idea*

I have gone through the present android app for mobiles and I think it is
dedicated for posts, comments and pages. Since exact idea was not mentioned
on idea's page. I think I could try and develop complete admin section
interface including features like plugin settings, widget, user management,
etc since we are dealing with tablets. We just need to implement a clean
client side for XML-rpc calls.

Officially Android 3.0 is for tablets but many tablets are running on hacked
version of android 2.0*.  Do you expect developer to consider those tablets
as well.*


*My progress:* I am familiar with Android for mobiles but have not released
any application but I am really interested in both Android and Wordpress.

2 *Move WordPress


This idea can be broken down into 2 category:-

*1 With FTP: *It is very straight forwards process. Last year someone tried
this and released a plugin (

) but that plugin lacks certain features of Wordpress 3 and above like
Wordpress network, etc. I could extend previous work and implement all these

*2 Without FTP: *With this plugin everything will be from admin section. My
major concern is that I want to make it work in cases where blog admin may
not have access to FTP details e.g. a student blog on college domain,

, etc. Plugin settings may pose some issues.

* *I have developed a backup plugin and submitted in repository (
) .

* *

3* User Notification and support*

This idea is an extension of "New User Walkthrough". Instead of keeping a
module only for new installation we could keep it this way. We will create a
*Health Index* for Wordpress installation which initially will be determined
by tasks like pick a theme, change your password, edit your tagline, choose
your comment settings, etc. After all this new user tasks notifications like
availability of updates of Wordpress , important plugins like Akismet ,
pending comments , etc will determine Health Index. Depending on Health
Index user may be send email/sms notifications like Wordpress installation
is in Critical Stage, etc.


Warm regards,

Gaurav Aggarwal
IIIrd year student
Delhi College of Engineering

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