[wp-hackers] Assigning and using custom taxonomy with link object

Angelia Baladon angelia at 10sexyapples.com
Sun Mar 20 09:22:45 UTC 2011

I have custom post types registered as well as custom taxonomies. I have
additionally registered two of custom taxonomies for the link object. The
goal is to be able to assign the same taxonomy to a link as to a custom post
type in order to create a sidebar listing of links related to the post being

I realize that I would need some wizardry in order to pull this relation
from the database as the links and posts are in separate tables, but, as the
terms tables are independent, and link_category is simply another taxonomy,
I assumed it would be possible.

After registering the custom taxonomies to the link object, they show up
nicely in the link editor, so, it appeared doable on that end as well.

However, I've just realized that when attempting to actually use the custom
taxonomy term metabox in the link editor, the chosen terms do not save when
update is clicked.

It would seem that there is some core code missing. The custom taxonomy
metabox shows up, but, is unusable?

I'm only experienced enough to "sense" and somewhat "see" what might be
happening in the big picture here, but, not quite jedi enough to answer my
own questions.

Does anyone out there have any idea if core will facilitate what I'm trying
to accomplish?

Any insight is appreciated~

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