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aditya sharma sharmaaditya333 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 19:29:38 UTC 2011

*Hey All*

*My GSoC 2011 proposal is as:*

Please do have a look..


The Project aims to build a package of modules to Completely integrate
Google Apps with Wordpress. The project aims to build :

   - Google Apps user Management in Wordpress.
   - Enhanced Integration of Google Apps ( Gmail, Google Calendar, Google
   docs, Google Spreadsheet, Google Form ( part of spreadsheet ) )

*Description : Google Apps integration in Wordpress*

My Goal is to make a package of modules , to Integrate Google Apps in a
manner , which increases the functionality and simplifies the ease of
management of Wordpress , concerning the organization who are using
Wordpress and Google apps , or may Use in Future. My aim comprises of 2 sub
goals :

   - *Google Apps User Account management :*

This part aims to Provide an easy and flexible management of Google Apps
account from Wordpress. All the user account management is done using Google
Provisioning API v2 .

   1. User Accounts
         - Add User Account
            1. User Account can be added by Uploading an Spreadsheet of
            First name, Last name, and Random password.
            2. Ldap Integration : An Extension module of Ldap module , If
            user details ( First name , last name and secondary email)
can be retrieved
            from LDAP structure .
            3. The normal way : User can himself Enter Details and Fill in
            Desired Email-ID, while registering.
         - Delete User Account : Admin can Delete User who are members of a
         Google App Group mapped to his role in Wordpress.
         - Update User Account Details
         - Retrieve User Account Details
      2. Nick Names
         - Add Nicknames
         - Delete Nicknames Account
         - Update Nicknames Account
         - Retrieve Nicknames Account Details
      3. Groups
         - Add Groups According to Roles : Groups of Google Apps mapped to
         roles in Wordpress. For eg. : while registering , if a
Student registers and
         has a role *student*, and similarly teachers. the Google apps
         accounts could be groups into 2 type also , students and
teachers, hence
         mapping Google apps account with Wordpress role.
         - Delete Groups : Admin can delete group mapped to a role
         - Update Groups
         - Retrieve Groups Details
         - Add Members to Groups based or role. Admin can also disable this
         Role mapping property.
      4. Registration Process : A sub-module of Registration module to
      enable User to register for Google Apps Also , while going through the
      registration process of Wordpress. For example. User could be asked for
      Desired email-id and then, his New email-id ( Of Google Apps )
and randomly
      Generated password will be mailed to the secondary email of user Or
      Displayed there it self. The desired password can also be
enabled from admin
      5. User profile : A CCK field of type Gapp Email id , Nick name Added
      in Profile page. All the Details like, Email, Nickname, Group
stored in The
      modules database
   - *Google Apps Direct Integration :*

This part comprises of integrating the Google apps ( Gmail, docs,
spreadsheet, calendar, only . There are other google apps also ) with
Wordpress .

   1. Gmail
         - Block of List of Mails in inbox.( Semi-expandable preview of mail
         content, sender, date and time. Customizable from Admin page
) On opening
         mails from the block it-self, open the Inbox with the mail
right there. (
         user Does not need to Login in his Google Apps gmail Account
separately , if
         SSO is On , Else the Apps gmail login will appears for authorization).
         - To show "Read and unread" Or "unread" mails can be configured
         from Admin page.
      2. Docs
         - Block of List Of Google docs with document type display also.
         - Create, Delete and Download any document from the block.
         - Google Apps Docs homePage Link on the Profile page.
      3. Spreadsheet
         - Export The CSV / XLS format Result of Webform module to Google
         Spreadsheets. hence It is then be edited online, share and
published too.
         - List of Spreadsheet Already available in the Block as Above
      4. Calendar
         - Block of Google Calendar. The Display can be administered based
         on features like, Agenga, month-wise, week-wise
         - Manage the Calendar under a Google Apps account, or other that
         are always embedded. Keep a record of each embedded calendar
and type of
         display it is currently. Change the calendar settings from
admin page of
         module, without going back to Google calendar, and
re-embedding with new
         - Embed an Event Publisher button for any event in Google Calendar.
         Its is similar to Skype's -> make a call <- button, which add
a particular
         event to your calendar. ( in future , it this feature can be
integrated with
         Wordpress events and Wordpress calendar ). Admin can Keep a
track of all the
         event publisher button put on any page.
      5. Other
         - Manage embedded *Google Spreadsheet form, Presentation* ( Google
         docs , PDF and not embeddable currently, though Published web page can
         embedded, which can be worked around in future ) in Wordpress
. Insert Any
         where and keep a track of location of each form ( i.e. node (
URL ) , where
         it is embedded ). Directly Get the result of the webform
downloaded from the
         admin page in form of spreadsheet , Or go to live spreadsheet
Or go the
         respective presentation.
         - Add an Upload i.e " Open as Google Docs " link just aside any
         attached file ( document, spreadsheet, presentation) .
Wordpress will check
         the size of attachment, just before requesting it for upload.
         can enable/disable this property. ( In future, admin could
also set the
         "Open as google docs " functionality available specifically
usable for a
         document type , or by a specific Wordpress role . )

Warm Regards
Aditya Sharma

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