[wp-hackers] Advice on providing plugin support

Ade Walker photofantaisie at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 20:25:58 UTC 2011

I use a dedicated forum on my own site for handling support for my wporg
plugins. As users have to register to post, I like to think that only those
who have read all the documentation actually bother to post. (Who am I
kidding???? :-) ). I also like having all the posts under my control - only
a self-hosted forum can provide this.

I provide an extensive FAQ, lots of configuration and set up info on my site
too, but most people don't read it. However, I feel it is better to provide
documentation and put up with lazy users, than provide no documentation at

Personally, I don't enjoy using the wporg forums, and I try to discourage
users from seeking support for my plugins there. Some people may not like
this attitude, but I feel I can provide a better service to users on my site
than elsewhere.

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