[wp-hackers] Term Meta - Trac'd already?

fris fris at fris.net
Thu Jul 14 03:51:29 UTC 2011

Have you tried the custom backgrounds plugin?

It lets you pick backgrounds via the post/page edit page, or assign
backgrounds to categories.

Maybe what you are looking for.

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> Taxonomies exist in the template hierarchy.
> Doing this on individual post pages are harder, since posts can be in 
> more than one group in a taxonomy (like cats and tags can). For 
> something like that, you're going to always need some kind of custom 
> code to determine which term to use to decide what to do.

Yeah, this isn't going to work for the theme users though; I forgot to
mention this is a "premium" theme so there's a ton of users using this
functionality and to tell they need to add conditional templates and CSS
wont work.

What I did was built a UI on the term edit screen with colorpickers and
background image uploaders.
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