[wp-hackers] limitations of wp_nav_menu // or what to do with really big menus?

Malte Witt m.witt at ia-sh.de
Wed Jan 12 15:17:20 UTC 2011

Hi all,
I have one question which I guess a lot of people had already thought 
about before - so there likely must be a simple answer.
How do you build really big menus with 50-100 pages in your CMS like 
wordpress installations? Although I really like wp_nav_menu, it lacks 
usability for those usage scenarios.

Am I just using the wrong CMS or is there a solution for this? I am 
already using "CMS Tree Page View" for viewing the admin page panel in a 
tree view. I guess I would just need something similar for the menus.

I hope anybody knows a solution.


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