[wp-hackers] post format types

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Thu Jan 6 21:46:34 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 3:09 PM, Brian Layman <wp-hackers at thecodecave.com> wrote:
> ...
>  Themes are not required to support every format on the list.  New formats
> cannot be introduced.  The standardization of this list provides both
> compatibility between numerous themes and the ability for external blogging
> tool access to this feature in a consistent fashion."
> Does that accurately cover it?

Not really, because new formats can be introduced, by changing the
core. If you can talk enough people into it being a good idea, then
maybe new formats will be in 3.2.

All a "format" really is is a string. If there's enough need for a
standardized format (by which I mean something a lot of themes will
probably use) then there's no reason it can't be added eventually. For
example, I was thinking "event" would be a pretty good one to have in

Custom Formats can't be introduced by themes acting alone, because
that leads to a form of lock-in and removes the utility and usefulness
of post formats (which is entirely in their interoperability).
Ideally, I'd prefer themes to support post formats instead of doing it
themselves, and if enough of them want a new format, there's no reason
it can't be added later down the line.


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