[wp-hackers] The problem with Contributions and This Thread

Mark E mark at simplercomputing.net
Mon Jan 3 03:41:45 UTC 2011

 > Saying people who are working crazy hours
> should be go out of their way to appease one person "no matter how bad I
> act" means you think you are more important than everyone else. Respect
> begets respect. Everyone needs to be polite, not just the lead devs.

If people (including devs) are working crazy hours then that would 
indicate that more devs are needed...

> I'm not sure what exactly about me you find corporate. I'm a non-profit
> girl since way back in my teens and the lead devs all call me a hippie,
> not inaccurately.

Just thought I'd clear up the "non-profit" issue for people, since 
invariably people tend to misunderstand it:  Non-profits are 
corporations. Period. The major difference between a C corp, S corp, 
LLC, and Non-Profit is that a non-profit is allegedly not in business to 
earn a profit -- in this context profit means money that isn't needed to 
run the business (salary, payroll, overhead, expansion, etc). Other than 
that, they're all basically the same in the eyes of the IRS and the 
States. That is to say, non-profits can earn money, loads of it, and 
spend it according to their charter. In fact, many non-profits ARE 
non-profits simply because of the tax advantages. Being non-profit 
doesn't mean good and green. Some non-profits are pure evil. Non-profit 
simply means the corporation isn't obligated to pay taxes on income, 
unless that income is generated from activities outside the corporate 

Not to distract from the thread, but just to clear that up for people 
who think a "non-profit" corp is something great and good just because 
it's non-profit.


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