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Nathaniel Taintor goldenapplesdesign at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 18:45:15 UTC 2011

<ignoring all the flamebait>

To get back to the OP's question...

Calling http://api.wordpress.org/stats/plugin/1.0/plugin-name?callback=?
returns the percentages of active versions installed on sites. Is there a
similar API method to get the total number of active plugin installs?

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:00 AM, Mark E <mark at simplercomputing.net> wrote:

> On 02/28/2011 09:57 AM, Alex Hempton-Smith wrote:
>> During installation, people have the option to set a certain amount of
>> privacy on their site (stopping search engines from crawling it),
>> shouldn't
>> we also be asking if usage statistics etc should be sent?
> That would be the respectable thing to do.
>  I just think it needs to be made clear to people exactly what is being
>> sent,
>> why it's being sent, and make it easy for people to opt-out. Requiring
>> them
>> to edit wp-config.php to stop data being sent isn't right (in my opinion).
> +1
> If WordPress were still only used for minor blogging it'd be fine the way
> it is. However, those days are long gone. This is obviously not 2007
> anymore.
> Since WordPress is now extremely widespread and used in a vast array of
> different CMS implementations it might be wise for the decision makers to
> take on some new perspective about privacy - before the media catches wind
> and proceeds to deliver a bashing.
> If you think it's not possible then go read the bad press about Facebook
> and Microsoft doing precisely the same thing to get a hint about what could
> happen.
> Mark
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