[wp-hackers] wp_cron - odd behavior

Jeff Rose jeff at jeffrose.ca
Sat Feb 19 04:06:52 UTC 2011

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> You can use* current_time('mysql',get_option('gmt_offset'))*  for getting
> time according to your blog.
> Thanks for the replies, but either I wasn't clear about my problem, or your
answers are off the mark.

Most of the time, the function inserts into the wp_cron, but sometimes it
just doesn't, even though a debug running shows the correct values being
passed 100% of the time. Sometimes the job is missing entirely and others it
sets to Jan 1, 1970 (or whatever the beginning of the epoch is).

I've ensured that all cron's would be scheduled for the future (2-3 days
out) and more than 10 minutes apart, so the obvious stuff seems correct.

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