[wp-hackers] opinions for a multi-language plugin for WordPress

Simon Blackbourn piemanek at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 02:11:38 UTC 2011

a couple of years ago i used a plugin called language switcher[1] but it is
no longer maintained[2].

it did a very good job and had lots of good features:

 - shortcodes for multiple languages within post content, and also within
titles, excerpts and custom fields,

 - no extra db tables,

 - when you switched language all menus, dates, theme items, etc. all
changed (assuming you had also installed the relevant wordpress language

 - switching language on the front end automatically switched on the backend
too when you logged in,

 - nice permalinks,

 - language switch buttons,

 - attempted to detect visitor's language from browser settings and set site
to that language,

i'm not sure it works past wordpress 2.9 though, so i'd love to see a new,
maintained plugin that incorporates some of these features, and your custom
post type approach looks really interesting to me. i'll give it a spin in
the next few days.


[1] http://www.poplarware.com/downloads/language_switcher

[2] http://www.poplarware.com/news/language-switcher-maintenance

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