[wp-hackers] opinions for a multi-language plugin for WordPress

Steve Taylor steve at sltaylor.co.uk
Mon Feb 14 23:26:27 UTC 2011

Best of luck Leo - seems good from your description. I agree that
qTranslate are both great but not perfect.

Well, of course they're not perfect, but talking specifically, they
lack something that a major client of mine needs: section-specific
activiation of languages. So you can pick certain pages, and only
those pages and their descendants have the translation stuff applied
to them. And you can select different languages for different

I tried doing a plugin to adapt qTranslate to do this (by selectively
removing qTranslate's hooks):


But it never worked 100%. The client is currently in limbo until I
find time to find another way.

Of course, if you get your plugin up to the standards of qTranslate or
WPML, and include this feature, you'll be my new best friend ;)


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