[wp-hackers] WordPress related Emails Not Sending

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Fri Feb 11 14:37:19 UTC 2011

Get the Cimy Swift SMTP plugin to make sure that your sending all the right 
information properly to the google hosted domain apps account.    It's a bit 
more strict then just sending from your local sendmail on the sender 
name/sender email and such being proper.

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> Not sure if this is the right place for this, if not let me know.
> I have a new wordpress install on a MediaTemple DV server.  Everything 
> works
> fine except for outgoing emails.
> Any email that comes from wordpress (new user accounts, password change
> request, etc...) will NOT get delivered to my corporate Google Mail
> account.  This is the same for form submissions using the plugin Contact
> Form 7.
> If I send the emails to my personal gmail account it works perfectly.
> However anything sent to our Google Apps Account (basically an email 
> address
> ending in your domain but managed by google) will not go through.
> I know this is not a WordPress bug but I was wondering if anyone else has
> experienced this.  Maybe something in the email headers that google is
> picking up, something.  I've tested this up and down across the board with
> several email accounts.
> The server running wordpress is a totally separate domain from the one in
> our email address.  The server never hosted our email accounts so there
> aren't any lapsed mx files and it's not trying to handle it internally.
> Any help would be appreciate it.
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