[wp-hackers] WordPress related Emails Not Sending

SWORD Studios info at swordstudios.net
Fri Feb 11 14:34:16 UTC 2011

Not sure if this is the right place for this, if not let me know.

I have a new wordpress install on a MediaTemple DV server.  Everything works
fine except for outgoing emails.

Any email that comes from wordpress (new user accounts, password change
request, etc...) will NOT get delivered to my corporate Google Mail
account.  This is the same for form submissions using the plugin Contact
Form 7.

If I send the emails to my personal gmail account it works perfectly.
However anything sent to our Google Apps Account (basically an email address
ending in your domain but managed by google) will not go through.

I know this is not a WordPress bug but I was wondering if anyone else has
experienced this.  Maybe something in the email headers that google is
picking up, something.  I've tested this up and down across the board with
several email accounts.

The server running wordpress is a totally separate domain from the one in
our email address.  The server never hosted our email accounts so there
aren't any lapsed mx files and it's not trying to handle it internally.

Any help would be appreciate it.

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