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Ian Douglas ian at powerfoundation.org
Tue Aug 30 13:47:29 UTC 2011

Hi Mike,

In reality, I'm on the graphic design side, not a developer. But I'm on this list because I'm trying to learn more about Wordpress, which I've been playing with for a couple of years. It is true that I've been getting great advice from this list, and it's true that some of it I don't know what to do with. But I get pointers for things to try to explore. I'm trying to learn, but it's true I find the detail difficult sometimes.

Happily, I'm not the primary tech guy for our project. A friend who deals with servers has been helping me on and off. He told me there was corruption in the MySQL database and gave me this output. I just passed it along in my question in case anyone knew anything. But I'll pass your message back to him. I guess he doesn't have too much experience in MySQL.

I'm glad to hear it's not an error.

Forgive us these stumbling beginnings …. It's true we need specialised help, actually in several directions.

best wishes,

On 30 Aug 2011, at 15:32, Mike Little wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 12:16, Ian Douglas <ian at powerfoundation.org> wrote:
>> As detailed in other threads, I've been facing a string of problems with a
>> website. Now it seems there is database corruption. We get the following
>> error numerous times:
>> --basedir=/ --datadir=/var/lib/mysql --user=mysql
>> --log-error=/var/lib/mysql/server.oursite.com.err
>> --pid-file=/var/lib/mysql/server.oursite.com.pid
>> 1. Does anyone know what this error is?
>> 2. Is there an easy fix, or do people have recommendations as to how to fix
>> this?
>> 2. If not, is there anyone out there capable of repairing this MySQL
>> database error manually?
> Ian,
> That's not an error message, it's (part of) the command line used to start
> the mysql daemon. That fact that you don't know that, and that you assume
> database corruption, coupled with your previous threads make me think you
> are seriously in over your head here.
> You have received lots of good and helpful advice and pointers from many
> people: your responses sometimes indicate you don't understand or know what
> to do with that advice. I would recommend you get some (paid) external
> help.
> Mike
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