[wp-hackers] APC-Nginx-Apache problems / memory problems on VPS

Ian Douglas ian at powerfoundation.org
Sun Aug 28 06:50:19 UTC 2011

On 27 Aug 2011, at 09:04, Tom Barrett wrote:

> I can recommend a VPS with 7 day money back guarantee and an active irc channel

Yes, please, Tom.

HostGator is continuing to avoid the problem completely. Today, we asked again for technical support to narrow down our issue. Their sole response to a whole page of explanation from us was that we should have upgraded not to Level 4 from Level, but to Level 6 or even Level 7 (i.e., from $50 per month to $129 or $160 per month: from 1.9GHz and 1.3GB RAM to 4.2GHz and 3GB of RAM).


We need to think about alternatives for an emergency migration.


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