[wp-hackers] front-page.php always overrides home.php?

Brian Layman wp-hackers at thecodecave.com
Mon Apr 25 12:08:41 UTC 2011

On 4/24/2011 9:05 AM, Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 3:44 PM, Chip Bennett<chip at chipbennett.net>  wrote:
>> To follow up, here's what I'm thinking of submitting as a patch:
>> Replace is_home() with is_posts_index() - or is_posts() or is_blog_index()
>> or is_blog()
>> Replace home.php with posts.php - or posts-index.php or blog.php
> I'm late to the game but I just want to say: This is exactly right and would
> be a huge improvement to the semantic usability of the
> conditionals/templates involved.
>> So, two questions:
>> 1) Is this reasonable to mark up as a patch and submit a Trac ticket, or is
>> it a waste of time?
> I think having a ticket about the subject would be good, as the issue will
> never go away until someone is willing to deprecate "*home*" as used in this
> context. IMHO a nice long deprecation period should make it not-unreasonable
> to one day be rid of it, and cleaning up the core code would probably make
> it a lot easier to understand (since the labels would make more sense)
I'd agree. The current names of the functions are confusing as all get 
out. It's a source for bugs in themes and plugins.  I usually shy away 
from renames but in this case, I'd rather have the clearer names 
available for use.

Brian Layman

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