[wp-hackers] GSoC 2010

Ralph Bergmann ralph at dasralph.de
Mon Mar 29 16:53:33 UTC 2010

Am 29.03.10 17:28, schrieb Justin Shreve:
> I think it's an interesting idea. You should check into what is already
> being done first. For example check out the various conference sites at
> http://wordcamp.org - and see what they are using and how the different
> sites are setup.

The idea was born in 2008. I have organised a Java conference in Berlin
and was frustrated to add the speakers profil and the talks.

The main feature should be: make it easier.

> I would also look at http://wccpco.eventstart.com/ and the various features
> there and http://www.eventbrite.com/ (which I think powers some of the
> WordCamps).

There are a lot of tools which can do it. But I would a tool which is
embedded in my website with the same still and the same domain.

> In terms of your proposal:
> - user can create one or more speaker profile(s)
> - user can create one ore more session(s) and link this with the speaker
> profile
> I think you need to elaborate a bit more on some of the features you can
> bring. These two items for example can be done pretty easily with custom
> pots types or just linking a "user" (speaker) to a "post" (event/session).

I think of a workflow with some users. Speakers which add his / hers
profil and talks. A program committee which accepts or rejects speaker
and/or talk. A manager for the timetable and available rooms. Financer
for ticket and advertising space sale. And all this with one tool.

When the speaker adds his / hers profil, he / she post all needed datas
incl. an picture which will be crop to fit the theme.

The financer can see how many tickes was sold and who has bought
advertisments. After the money arrived he / she can send out the tickets
(per email) or can activate the ad banner upload.

An other great feature should be an app for Android / iPhone /
BlackBerry to see the timetable, profils and talks on the divice and to
create the own plan with the prefered talks.


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