[wp-hackers] do I need to register custom post_status-es?

Davit Barbakadze jayarjo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 11:29:22 UTC 2010

I'm using the following code to retrieve custom post_type-es:

$wp_query = new

Quoted line resolves for example to:
post_type=event&post_status=active&posts_per_page=15&paged=1 (string
has been printed out not just made up).

Although while I have specific post_status defined, for some
reason it does fetch all of the posts with post_type=event, no matter
are they marked as active in post_status or - inactive. Not sure what
could be the reason. For post_status - trash it filters them as
expected. Do I need to register custom post_status-es

Davit Barbakadze

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