[wp-hackers] Google Summer of Code-Project Proposal for feedback(WordPress import/export)-Reminder

Chinthaka Rukshan chinthakarukshan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 03:09:58 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I sent you a email about mentioning my GSoC idea and anyone didn't gave me
any feedback although I'm waiting for your feedback.Please give me some
feedback regarding the below ideas and if you can answer my questions that
I've asked below,it would be a pleasure for me.

I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student of University of Moratuwa,Sri
This is the first time I'm applying a proposal for GSoC.

It will be very lucky to contribute for WordPress because it is very popular
and I also have a blog on WordPress.

Here I have Provide my Google Summer of Code Project Proposal link for the
project WordPress Import/Export.I would like to hear some feed back about
the proposal from you.After you reading about the proposal I need to know
specially about one thing. I've mentioned about what I have done. A project
that can import WordPress blog posts and comments from a remote WordPress
blog.Is it ok to mention such a thing in my proposal that is submitting to
the Google and to what extent do I have to mention those information?.I've
mentioned about that I've studied to some extent about blogger import and
livejournal import.Is it also ok to mention about that?. If you can help me
with these facts it would be pleasure.

This is the link that I describe about the Project Proposal.



Chinthaka Rukshan
"Open Your Mind"

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