[wp-hackers] XML controlled SWF files

Jeremy Visser jeremy at visser.name
Tue Mar 23 04:44:48 UTC 2010

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On 23/03/10 11:39, Vinicius Massuchetto wrote:
> I'm parsing a page for every local MP3 URL on it, and building a XML
> file to be read by a SWF player. The player works nice out of
> Wordpress on any host, but once we put it on the theme directory with
> the XML, it doesn't work.

Read your web server log files. I also highly recommend Wireshark [0]
for diagnosing issues such as this. It's important that you figure out
the differences between the static and dynamic XML files by comparing
them directly.

Can you load the dynamic XML file in a web browser? What HTTP headers
are different? Are they both being served as text/xml, or is one
text/plain or even *shudder* text/html?

> I imagine this XML entries always need to be in a relative path from
> the SWF file, so maybe it has something to do with Wordpress blocking
> relative paths inside themes.

First I've heard of that. Flash won't fetch stuff from an alternative
domain unless it is whitelisted in that domain's crossdomain.xml file,
but there are no subdirectory restrictions that I'm aware of.

[0] http://www.wireshark.org/

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