[wp-hackers] opinions about post versioning

alexandertiger alexandertiger at 163.com
Sat Mar 20 09:14:08 UTC 2010

Hello,everyone! As a GSOC volunteer, I'm very interested in the idea "Template Versioning ". However, when I test the function of  "Post Versioning", I've met two problems which I doubt are features needing improved.

1.When add a new post, press "Save Draft" Button directly without any input, the page jumps from "post.php" to "edit.php". However, I think it's better to do just nothing.

2.When edit a post, draft will be saved once "Save Draft" Button is pressed, and a new "post revision" is added into the Column of "Post Revisions". Wordpress does so even when nothing is changed. It's a little redundant. I think it's better to add a revision check process when "Save Draft" Button is pressed, and do nothing if nothing is changed actually.

Wish for your opinion! Thanks!


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