[wp-hackers] howto delete category via administrator panel

Uwiuw Bakawan.com uwiuw at yahoo.com.sg
Fri Mar 12 22:36:26 UTC 2010

hi, I have problem when i have to create some custom solution. What i need to accomplish is some simple feature where every time user delete a category from administrator panel, then every posts (and all its meta field) and its child category also get delete a long with the parent pos.

Right now in wordpress, (i believe its 2.9.2 version), every time a category get deleted then its ID get erase. But its child category and its post will not. The child and the post only got their terms and depth level changes.

i have try 'delete_category' and 'delete_term' but it's only return the ID of deleted category.

Is there any hook to get this id before it get delete or at least got the cache of its former child category ID ?

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