[wp-hackers] comments should be a plugin

Scott Kingsley Clark sc0ttkclark at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 05:18:04 UTC 2010

> I was initially against nav menu items being stored in the posts table, but essentially the argument goes: menu items have a lot of the same attributes as posts e.g. link title (post_title), description (post_content), attribute title (post_excerpt), parent links (post_parent) you get the picture. So by menu items being stored in the posts table, they get a lot of things "for free" instead of creating a new table with more or less of the same table columns.
> The posts table is more like a content types table. But yeah that goes back to the teenager reference. WP needs better semantics :)

We definitely agree there! I just think it's funny is all.. Oh,
wouldn't it be great if "post" (blog reference ftw) wasn't the term
for content in WP? LOL. Yeah, I just threw that out there, again, not
trying to constantly derail discussion of making WP more modular than
it already is. Do what you will ;)

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