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| > That's a vastly different migration, as it didn't really affect users.
| >  While developers and power users would know what's going on, what
| > about when Grandma goes to comment on the latest picture of little
| > Matty and enters Grandma Bettie instead of Grandma B that she
| > previously used.  We've just now added an extra step for a user who
| > should have a very simple experience.
| >
| As I've said in a previous email, she will still be able to comment, just
| that her name will still appear as "Grandma B" instead of "Grandma Bettie".

See, comments are something that change over time. I'll never change my name in my sites's posts author "field", but I like (and 
let's not offtopic debating about it :P) to use keyworkds in comments I do, so sometimes I sign as "Hikari" and use my site's 
homepage, sometimes I sign the same but use my vogonismo category URL, or my http://wordpress.Hikari.ws/ redirecting subdomain, or 
then sign as "Consciência Planetária" and use my other site.

I'd hate to be forced to use a unique name and url for all coments on a site I comment a lot, or have to use different emails and 
act as different persons (which case I'd think not good at all) just to referer my sites.

Imagine somebody that have 5 sites and like to alternate among them...

And if you are gonna complain about PageRank spam, just use http://Hikari.ws/email-url-obfuscator/ and you're safe :P =^-^=

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