[wp-hackers] "commenter" user role, external service handling users?

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| I for one wouldn't appreciate waking up to the
| day after 3.1 (or whenever this got implemented) is released to an
| e-mail from every site that I've commented on with a user account.

There's this problem too, merging would be much more complex than just browsing each comment, moving its user fields to wp-users and 
setting the FK, or identifying that user is already in the table and just setting the FK

Each created user would be required to interact with each site regarding the account... I'd throw each of those mails to SpamCop for 
sure :P

But, if you want a better idea for it...

You could use an external service to handle comments. Something like Gravatar + OpenID. Each user upon commenting is required to 
login on this external tool, to identify himself as himself, and in this tool he'd fill his profile.

wp-comments would only have his email (yes, I wanna have control over my commentators emails, I like to mail them or at least have 
someway to contact them after commenting, I hated when I used Intense Debate and I had no way to contact a commentator!), and when a 
comment should be loaded it would call that service asking for his name and url, as we do with Gravatar

Doing so, you'd only need to drop user name and url from wp-comments, and start using emails. A user would be allowed to choose to 
leave the comment anonymous or register on the service, and you could throw to it unregistered emails with not verified names and 
urls, emptying your database.

You could use filters to overwrite comment_author_link(), so themes wouldn't need to be changed. Just make sure to bring wp-comments 
foelds back upon uninstalling, preferably with commentators data back :P, and not make Wordpress break if your plugin is deactivated 
without being properly uninstalled.

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