[wp-hackers] the_author hook, the_author_posts_link() : hooks and semantics

Raphaël Droz raphael.droz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 15:54:14 UTC 2010

Otto wrote:
>> [it's my 2nd attempt today as I didn't received any undeliverable notice]
> Yes, that's because it got delivered just fine.
> Please don't repost things to the email list just because you didn't
> get a response. This isn't instant gratification, and it's not
> expected to be. Somebody will respond when they have something to say.
> This is an email list. When you send email to this list, you're
> sending an email to several hundred or thousand people. Bear that in
> mind.
I fear I was misunderstood, I reposted my email because
I wasn't able to find it in the my email folder nor the junk one nor
the list archive.

This email is also a second attempt (first one at 11:17 UTC still not in 
the archive nor in my mailbox)

As a precision the function where I replaced the_author() by
was the_author_posts_link() in the author-template.php

I also encountered yesterday a problem which may be related :
I'm using the Coins-metadata AKA scholarpress-coins plugin for years and 
just noticed that
thousands of post revisions, feeds, ... got the <span class="Z3988"> 
hardcoded in the DB.

I suspect the following scenario having happened, what is not yet
confirmed :
An user submits a post, in the hook chain the_content() is called, the
content is prepended with those metadata which, in theory, must only 
affect the displayed text, not the stored one.
However it may also be related to the fact that this plugin does :
scholarpress_coins_add_coins_metadata($content) {
?> <span.....></span> <?php return $content;

related experiences welcomed

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