[wp-hackers] the_author hook, the_author_posts_link() : hooks and semantics

Raphaël Droz raphael.droz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 11:17:48 UTC 2010

Otto wrote:
>> [it's my 2nd attempt today as I didn't received any undeliverable notice]
> Yes, that's because it got delivered just fine.
> Please don't repost things to the email list just because you didn't
> get a response. This isn't instant gratification, and it's not
> expected to be. Somebody will respond when they have something to say.
> This is an email list. When you send email to this list, you're
> sending an email to several hundred or thousand people. Bear that in
> mind.
I fear I was misunderstood, I reposted my email because
 I wasn't able to find it in the my email folder nor the junk one nor
the list archive.

As a precision the function where I replaced the_author() by 
was the_author_posts_link() ni the author-template.php

I also encoutered yesterday a problem which may be related :
I'm using the Coins-metadata plugin for years and just noticed that 
of post revisions, feeds, ... got the <span class="Z3988"> hardcoded in 
the DB.

I suspect the following scenario having happened, what is not yet 
confirmed :
An user submit a post, in the hook chain the_content() is called, the 
content is
prepended with those metadata which, in theory, must only affect
the displayed text, not the stored one.

related experiences welcomed

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