[wp-hackers] Custom URL

Hikari lists at hikarinet.info
Tue Mar 2 03:18:56 UTC 2010

Do you have this system already developed and running?

The first idea I have is create a page with that permalink, and attack your system to Wordpress as a plugin, with a shortcode to put 
it into the page.

The shortcode can add a form to receive the input and print any required data. And a plugin php would receive the input.

If the system can't be attached to Wordpress, you can try a htaccess rewrite rule redirecting it. Or some kind of iframe to add the 
system page into the Wordpress theme.

It's more how can you merge your system to Wordpress than how to use a permalink to the system. In ultimate case, use the Custom 
Permalink plugin to set any custom permalink to any post, page, category, tag, etc.

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