[wp-hackers] Custom URL

Eric Mann eric at eamann.com
Tue Mar 2 02:47:06 UTC 2010

I'm building a simple XML-RPC error reporting system for a couple of
plug-ins, and I want to manage the XML-RPC server from my own WordPress
installation.  In order to do this, I need a simple URL my clients can post
data to.  I'd like it to be short, like http://jumping-duck.com/xmlserver/
but in order to do that, I'll need some kind of custom URL rewriting.


I'd like all traffic posting to that URL to actually call a function on the
backend that will parse and store the data.  Anyone requesting that URL will
be automatically redirected to the homepage.


All of the tutorials and documentation I can find reference using custom
rewriting to search the database for custom fields or other dynamic data - I
can't find any examples with a 1-1 rewrite of a short permalink that works
like this.  So I'm reaching out to all of you for some support.


Does anyone have any experience working with this?  Any ideas on how to
implement it?



Eric Mann

 <http://www.eamann.com> www.eamann.com


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