[wp-hackers] Wordpress Android App (GSOC)

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Jan 29 19:19:20 UTC 2010

> Hello, my name is Leif and I am a student at the University of Utah.  I am
> interested in participating in the Google Summer of Code program if they
> have it this year.  I would like to create the Wordpress Android App.

Agreed! This app would be fun to do. I thought maybe I'd do it as my first
Android app myself, as I do have a Droid and am registered to have the apps
in the store. I'd turned my eyes to other things once I saw WPToGo was out.

I've no info on the WP app for the iPhone and would love to hear more about
it.  I've mentored on the summer of code WP project before. That was
definitely a learning experience. Even if this doesn't get approve as a
summer of code app, it would be fun to work on this sort of thing.

If you are interested in doing this, the best thing for you to do is to
start making your proposal now.

A major step for this is to start a feature chart that shows the features
and/or capabilities that are in each app and mark if the competitor has
them. Do this like you were representing each product. Simple things like
being able to start writing when you open the application compared to
hitting File->New->Document have turned the tide of battle in software wars
even as big as Word vs WordPerfect.

If you have a feature chart and plan for what you want in the Android app,
you will already be further ahead in the process than many other GSOC
applicants whose first phase will be "See how others did it and make a
proposal". That advice goes out to anyone thinking of any GSOC project.


Brian Layman.
(Resending this message as it and several others didn't make it to the list.
This one isn't too delayed. The thread is comatose, but not dead.)

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