[wp-hackers] Recreate all imagine size in the database

Paolo Valenti wollynews at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 13:34:11 UTC 2010

When I've changed server I found this issue:
Images that were uploaded into a gallery on post/page have lost all info
relating to image size.
If I look into the DB I found information about the original size and
all the thumbnails but they have small differences between new gallery
and images that they works.
I made a debug on localhost and I found WP doesn't read the dimension:
Here it works:
|Array ( [0] =>
http://localhost:8888/wp27/wp-content/uploads/acquario_1-150x99.jpg [1]
=> 150 [2] => 99 [3] => 1 )|
Here doesn't work:
|Array ( [0] =>
http://localhost:8888/wp27/wp-content/uploads/img_0263.jpg [1] => 0 [2]
=> 0 [3] => )|

There is a way to let WP regenerate all the information in the database?
The other solution is to re-upload all the images but, I'd like to avoid :)
Thanx in advance

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