[wp-hackers] A question about donation link

Jordi Canals jcanals at alkivia.net
Fri Jan 15 22:29:07 UTC 2010

2010/1/15 TobiasBg <wp-hackers at tobias.baethge.com>

> Hi,
> > I refer you to the message I sent about a question asked about this. FSF
> > understands that the link conforms the section 2c for GPLv2 and cannot be
> > removed.
> Yes, I read that. But from my understanding of the response, I get the
> impression that it's just a "bookmarked" response, i.e. that the FSF
> answered without reading in detail what you were asking. (This is just my
> personal impression from the few lines of the conversation, you posted. In
> no way do I know if this really was the case.)
> (What I mean: They could have read "remove copyright notice" and
> automatically triggered "see section 2c", without noticing that you where
> not asking about redistributing the code, but about modifying your use
> copy.)
> I really do believe that the additional requirements from section 2 do only
> apply to redistribution-as mentioned in the second part of the first
> sentence of that section. The first part of the sentence clearly allows
> modifying the code.
> Regards,
> Tobias
Well, just to prevent this kind of discussion on my themes, and to solve any
doubt, I explicitly allow the users to remove the theme page footer with the
credits. If you want to leave them no problem, If you want to hide them,
just click on a checkbox and the footer will disappear.

Jordi Canals

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