[wp-hackers] A question about donation link

TobiasBg wp-hackers at tobias.baethge.com
Fri Jan 15 22:16:10 UTC 2010


> I refer you to the message I sent about a question asked about this. FSF
> understands that the link conforms the section 2c for GPLv2 and cannot be
> removed.

Yes, I read that. But from my understanding of the response, I get the impression that it's just a "bookmarked" response, i.e. that the FSF answered without reading in detail what you were asking. (This is just my personal impression from the few lines of the conversation, you posted. In no way do I know if this really was the case.)
(What I mean: They could have read "remove copyright notice" and automatically triggered "see section 2c", without noticing that you where not asking about redistributing the code, but about modifying your use copy.)

I really do believe that the additional requirements from section 2 do only apply to redistribution-as mentioned in the second part of the first sentence of that section. The first part of the sentence clearly allows modifying the code.


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