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I'm not sure about the process for this, but you may want to check the traffic to various tags. I know I am ranked for a lot of tags on my blog and removing them would remove a good deal of my traffic. May want to consider this. Also if you do and these tag pages or indexed, you may want to get one of the redirect plugins to redirect any of these back to the home page.


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Hello all,

a client has currently 10 237 post tags. While a great achievement and the result of a lot of work, I’m thinking of removing at least those tags that have only been used once or not at all (8 836).

I can of course do this easily from the term_taxonomy table but what about the term_relationships table? Do these extra tag relationships there slow down the blog? The relationships table currently has over 67 000 rows. How do I remove these too? I’m not good with mysql and could not find a plugin that would do this.

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