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Shane A. Froebel shane at bugssite.org
Thu Jan 7 04:29:23 UTC 2010

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I think the deal was that once the MU changes came out, 2.8 support was
going away and 2.9 was for urgent security related releases only.

Since 2.9 will have a longer life because of the 3.x development cycle
of 6 months or more there should be plenty of time for plugin/theme
authors to update there code to deal with the MU changes.

This is one the reasons after the initial 3.0 scope of work is laid out,
we figure out how to better communicate to the plugin developers of
features/functions/queries work before they are brought live.

I think once we hammered out the 3.0 cycle, we should know what to
expect in 3.0 in terms of backwards compatibility or compatibility as
stuff is changed and removed from the system.

Your Friend, Shane

On 1/6/2010 7:31 PM, Glenn Ansley wrote:
> The closest solution may be to identify the security patches in trac and
> just applying those to your site.
> If you don't know what you're doing though, this may cause you more
> headaches than upgrading minor versions.
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 7:06 PM, scribu <scribu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> If there was a security problem that targeted WP 2.9 specifically, I think
>> it would be fixed. Otherwise, no.
>> The ideea of maintaining older branches has been suggested several times
>> before and has been rejected.
>> On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 12:59 AM, Steve Taylor <steve at sltaylor.co.uk>
>> wrote:
>>> A client is worried about the time needed to fully test their site
>>> every time there's an upgrade. It is quite a complex system, a custom
>>> theme interacting with a bunch of plugins, but it's constructed pretty
>>> solidly. Obviously I'll upgrade on a staging server first, but I think
>>> only basic tests would be necessary, certainly for point releases.
>>> I can't find any information on this, but out of curiosity, is it
>>> possible to get *just* security fixes for old WP version? So, say when
>>> 3.0 comes out and it jumps up from 2.9.4, would there be a "2.9.5" for
>>> the security fixes? My guess is no, but I thought I'd check.
>>> thanks,
>>> Steve
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