[wp-hackers] Combining plugins

Ryan Hellyer ryan at pixopoint.com
Mon Jan 4 12:40:25 UTC 2010

I have two plugins, which I inadvertently (stupidly?) ended up making almost
identical to each other. I originally intended for them to fit different
needs, but they've ended up serving almost exactly the same purpose and I've
been actively maintaining the two of them for quite a while now. This was a
stupid screw up on my part and is confusing as heck for the users of my
plugin so I obviously need to remedy the situation. I'm intending to move
everyone from the Multi-level Navigation plugin (the initial one I released)
to an entirely recoded version of the PixoPoint Menu plugin which (my
current test version of) now has ALL of the features of the Multi-level
navigation plugin and includes an auto-upgrader for users of the older
plugin to upgrade to the newer plugin.

Is there any way I can have the Multi-level navigation plugins URL in the WP
repository redirected to the PixoPoint Menu plugin? And can the number of
downloads etc. be transferred over?

I'm guessing the answer will be no as this is presumably not something
normally offered, but I thought I'd ask just in case whoever is in charge of
the repository is able to help me out with this. I don't want to lose all of
the links back to the old page and I don't want to lose all of those
download numbers if possible. If needs be, I'll just leave a notice on the
older plugin telling people to go to the newer plugins WP.org page, but I'd
rather it was all just redirected seamlessly if possible. I spent a lot of
time building up links to the original page and it seems unhelpful for it
not to redirect to the correct page.


NOTE: The PixoPoint menu plugin is not ready for this just yet as I haven't
even started beta testing of the one which can do everything that the
Multi-level navigation plugin can yet.

Ryan Hellyer
PixoPoint web development

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