[wp-hackers] The problem with Contributions and This Thread

Vid Luther vid at zippykid.com
Thu Dec 30 23:35:49 UTC 2010

I'm all for this, how do we establish these trusted users? or is the 
core team not interested in that at all?

Whining doesn't work, and calling someone a whiner doesn't work either, 
I think over all we'd all like to find a solution to this, instead of a 
"we'll acknowledge your patch whenever we feel like".. or "big dicking" 
each other, as was witnessed by Nacin and Jacob.. it makes everyone look 

This thread has obviously hit a nerve and ego, just find a solution and 
respect each other, and move on with it.

Having commit privileges doesn't make you better than anyone else on 
this list nor does the # of patches, or the number of hours you worked, 
no one should be taking the ability to commit to an open source project 
as a sign of their superiority, or inferiority.

None of the features in 3.1 cure cancer, save lives, or bring us world 
peace.. nor do they promise to do.. just relax.

3.1 is late, let's test it out, get it out the door, and then perhaps we 
can push the low hanging fruit into 3.1.x?

William P. Davis wrote:
>   A better solution might be to have trusted users without access review patches and leave their comments on tickets.

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