[wp-hackers] Changing wordpress.org Passwords

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Tue Dec 14 03:34:09 UTC 2010

> 3. http://wordpress.org/support/ --> shows your display name + a link
> to "View your profile". Clicking that link goes to
> http://wordpress.org/support/profile/beaulebens (*another* different
> profile page). From here there's actually a link ("Edit") that allows
> you to change your password. That's the only one I could find.

That should be the only one you find. It's the correct and only place
to change your wp.org password.

Yes, I know the profile system is inconsistent and weird. Lots of
stuff to work on there. A lot of this is due to differing versions of
bbPress on themes and plugins. Upgrading these is difficult since
there's so much custom code there.


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