[wp-hackers] Custom content question

Adam Polon adam at modernsignal.com
Mon Dec 13 22:12:42 UTC 2010

Hi guys,


I am working on a relatively small site that will have Presentations and
Presenters (in addition to standard Posts and Pages).  On the presentation
screens, we want to list the related Presenters (and have them link to the
Presenter detail page) and vice versa.


Ideally, we would use Custom Post Types to achieve this (and that seems like
what the WP community would suggest).  It seems like everything has to be a
taxonomy to make that work instead of allowing me to just select the related
presenters on the Presentation admin screen.  


Is there an easy way to set up WordPress to manage these Content Types?


Presentations have:

.         Title

.         Date / Time

.         Image(s)

.         Description

.         Registration URL

.         Presenters (ideally a drop-down list)


Presenters have:

.         Name

.         Title

.         Image(s)

.         Bio

.         Associated Presentations (ideally a drop-down list)


Any help much appreciated.





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