[wp-hackers] Switching from SVN

William Davis will.davis at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 01:09:40 UTC 2010

How native is git on people's machines? I know SVN is packaged with OS  
X (I don't know about Windows), but I don't believe Git is. I could  
definitely see a more complex setup process deterring people from  
submitting plugins, for example — I know I was pretty confused when I  
wanted to submit my first plugin a few years back.


On Dec 9, 2010, at 7:46 PM, Vid Luther wrote:

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> I personally don't think switching to git, hg, bzr, tla will change  
> the
> level of contribution. WP has done very well with an "antiquated, old,
> slow" subversion.
> The core team has been cranking out high quality releases fairly well.
> I'm not sure if all the core developers are on this list, and even if
> they are, if they don't have any issues, then there's no need to ask
> them to switch.
> The switch is not going to be something as simple as using svn-git,  
> it's
> not a "just type git, instead of svn" change. it's a change in the
> workflow.. I still believe if we are to do it, we should start small,
> perhaps with the theme, or akismet, or some plugin..
> the core team needs to make the decision to switch to Git, Hg, etc..
> they shouldn't make the switch because someone who may or may not
> contribute as much (no offense intended to anyone).. we need to work
> with the core team, not the other way around..
> Just my $0.02 adjusted for todays inflation.
> Curtis McHale wrote:
>> I think Git is a better way but I understand that not everyone  
>> will. For
>> some the issue is that they already know SVN (I already know Git so  
>> I'm
>> totally in favour of that).
>> I think the real question for WP is, would going to another system
>> increase the participation long term? I'd anticipate that no matter  
>> what
>> change happened there would be some drop in participation as people
>> would decide it's not worth it. But in a year would we have more  
>> people
>> committing b/c of a transition to X.
>> Mike Schinkel wrote:
>>> Some of the smartest developers I know locally are huge fans of Git,
>>> though I have yet to use it.  I have all kind of issues with
>>> Subversion though so I can easily assume that given my issues with  
>>> SVN
>>> and so many other smart people advocating for Git that it must be a
>>> better way.
>>> That said, I've heard about Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and maybe one  
>>> other
>>> on this thread.  So the question I think might be not "Should we
>>> switch from SVN" but instead "Which solution should we TO?"  If  
>>> others
>>> feel it's appropriate for the list I'd really love to hear  
>>> discussions
>>> about the pros and cons of the various alternatives especially as it
>>> relates to WordPress core and to plugins.
>>> -Mike
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