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Vid Luther vid at zippykid.com
Fri Dec 10 00:46:21 UTC 2010

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I personally don't think switching to git, hg, bzr, tla will change the
level of contribution. WP has done very well with an "antiquated, old,
slow" subversion.

The core team has been cranking out high quality releases fairly well.
I'm not sure if all the core developers are on this list, and even if
they are, if they don't have any issues, then there's no need to ask
them to switch.

The switch is not going to be something as simple as using svn-git, it's
not a "just type git, instead of svn" change. it's a change in the
workflow.. I still believe if we are to do it, we should start small,
perhaps with the theme, or akismet, or some plugin..

the core team needs to make the decision to switch to Git, Hg, etc..
they shouldn't make the switch because someone who may or may not
contribute as much (no offense intended to anyone).. we need to work
with the core team, not the other way around..

Just my $0.02 adjusted for todays inflation.

Curtis McHale wrote:
> I think Git is a better way but I understand that not everyone will. For
> some the issue is that they already know SVN (I already know Git so I'm
> totally in favour of that).
> I think the real question for WP is, would going to another system
> increase the participation long term? I'd anticipate that no matter what
> change happened there would be some drop in participation as people
> would decide it's not worth it. But in a year would we have more people
> committing b/c of a transition to X.
> Mike Schinkel wrote:
>> Some of the smartest developers I know locally are huge fans of Git,
>> though I have yet to use it.  I have all kind of issues with
>> Subversion though so I can easily assume that given my issues with SVN
>> and so many other smart people advocating for Git that it must be a
>> better way.
>> That said, I've heard about Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and maybe one other
>> on this thread.  So the question I think might be not "Should we
>> switch from SVN" but instead "Which solution should we TO?"  If others
>> feel it's appropriate for the list I'd really love to hear discussions
>> about the pros and cons of the various alternatives especially as it
>> relates to WordPress core and to plugins.
>> -Mike
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