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Gregg F. Tomlinson gregg at fatheaddesign.com
Fri Aug 27 18:24:04 UTC 2010

I personally host WP sites on both a dv server at Media Temple and on  
a dedicated RHEL box at Rackspace. Obviously the RHEL box is  
fantastic, but not very good on the budget (I am hosting a bunch of  
Magento ecomm sites on this box as well so that's how I justify the  
cost). The dv at Media Temple does a great job for hosting multiple WP  
sites, and they do offer SSH access so that's a big plus.

I'm hearing lots of good stuff about WP Engine hosting on Twitter but  
don't know of anyone personally who has used them yet -  http://wpengine.com/


On Aug 27, 2010, at 12:48 PM, Andrew Gray wrote:

> I am huge fan of both Media Temple Grid and Rack Space Cloud Sites  
> for hosting wordpress.
> Both sell CPU cycles on their grids and do not make you deal with  
> the LAMP stack.
> We host 40 WP sites on one Media Temple Grid account for $20 per  
> month, + $20 for the upgraded DB.  I use w3 cache for most of them.   
> Media Temple grid gives you SSH access, php.ini etc.
> We also host our bigger sites on Rack Space Cloud Sites.  It is not  
> a VPS , but a LAMP stack that you load your stuff into via SFTP.   
> You do not get much control over the server, but you also do not  
> have to deal with DOS attacks, software upgrades, etc.   It is crazy  
> fast.  The DB allows 500 connections and is a massive cluster.  It  
> also has automatic daily and weekly snapshot backups.
> We have one client doing 5M+ page views on there an using around  
> 100% of one account.  They charge for overages, and never throttle.   
> It cost a min $150 per month + Bandwidth overages ( about 2.5Tb per  
> month via Max CDN)
> Rack Space cloud Sites is spendy, but well worth it if you do not  
> want to monkey with a server and you want your site to be very fast  
> without caching.
> I love the grid stuff, exactly because I do not have to have access  
> to the server,  I just runs.
> For your size, I would give Media Temple a try.  Sometime they have  
> weird problems, but I have found them to be a good host.  Hold times  
> are long at times though, if that is a pet peeve, I would skip them.
> Andrew
>> I need a new host and I'm hoping somebody here has a serious  
>> recommendation.
>> By serious, I mean something that isn't just an affiliate link but  
>> is a really great WP hosting environment. My sites have hit ~150k a  
>> month in traffic, they're also being throttled at my hosting  
>> company an average of 4 hours a day with extensive optimization and  
>> caching in place.
>> What I'm looking for is somewhere with great WP support, full  
>> access to the servers and a stable history of offering quality  
>> support.
>> Anybody care to vouch for a company?
>> c.
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