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Andrew Gray andrew at graymerica.com
Fri Aug 27 17:48:51 UTC 2010

I am huge fan of both Media Temple Grid and Rack Space Cloud Sites for hosting wordpress.

Both sell CPU cycles on their grids and do not make you deal with the LAMP stack.

We host 40 WP sites on one Media Temple Grid account for $20 per month, + $20 for the upgraded DB.  I use w3 cache for most of them.  Media Temple grid gives you SSH access, php.ini etc.

We also host our bigger sites on Rack Space Cloud Sites.  It is not a VPS , but a LAMP stack that you load your stuff into via SFTP.  You do not get much control over the server, but you also do not have to deal with DOS attacks, software upgrades, etc.   It is crazy fast.  The DB allows 500 connections and is a massive cluster.  It also has automatic daily and weekly snapshot backups.

We have one client doing 5M+ page views on there an using around 100% of one account.  They charge for overages, and never throttle.  It cost a min $150 per month + Bandwidth overages ( about 2.5Tb per month via Max CDN) 

Rack Space cloud Sites is spendy, but well worth it if you do not want to monkey with a server and you want your site to be very fast without caching.

I love the grid stuff, exactly because I do not have to have access to the server,  I just runs.

For your size, I would give Media Temple a try.  Sometime they have weird problems, but I have found them to be a good host.  Hold times are long at times though, if that is a pet peeve, I would skip them.


> I need a new host and I'm hoping somebody here has a serious recommendation.
> By serious, I mean something that isn't just an affiliate link but is a really great WP hosting environment. My sites have hit ~150k a month in traffic, they're also being throttled at my hosting company an average of 4 hours a day with extensive optimization and caching in place.
> What I'm looking for is somewhere with great WP support, full access to the servers and a stable history of offering quality support.
> Anybody care to vouch for a company?
> c.

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