[wp-hackers] [GSOC2010]WPmove Using the checklist approach

Piyush Mishra admin at oxymaniac.com
Fri Apr 9 14:10:32 UTC 2010

We can have a full list of todo's generated at the beginning of the move.
and striking off the things that are already accomplished
The best thing about thinking of it this way is being able to let the user
have checkpoints like in standard mission games. So that even if some
process goes wrong, the user gets his progress from the last "SAVE"
I know this sounds funny but acc to a TED talk anything can be made into a
game and the users love it. I bet providing "steps to move" like checkpoints
will promote users to save at a checkpoint and re-assume later thus lowering
the server load use :P
what do you think?

Piyush Mishra

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