[wp-hackers] [GSoC2010] Dashboard “Setup Completion” Module

Bumbu Alex bmbalex at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 05:53:01 UTC 2010

While thinking about this topic that seems to be easy at the begining, 
it has a lot of details that needs atention.
Here are listed few thoughts:
  - when user login in admin panel, he well see in the dashboard setup 
progress bar
  - module knows a list of arranged "steps" that user has to do to 
complete setup
  - each time when dashboard is visualized - module check which "steps" 
wasn't done, and give hint to do it
  - if step is more specific, or require some detailed explanation, or 
title is not enough suggestive - module will output also some brief 
description (also it can have link to documented page about those 
  - also this module is not only about configuration setting, but also 
about : how and where to write first post, add one category, delete 
comment ....
  - user can choose to edit proposed by "step" configuration right in 
the module (even if this is user friendly, next time user will not from 
which page is configuration)
  - user can skip/delete some steps which he thinks that are unnecessary 
for his blog (here the same, he could misunderstand some "step", or just 
ignore this - and he will not know how to configure his blog)
  - other plugins can send to this module additional "steps" which will 
involve configuration of those modules (module API or when other plugins 
will be installed - it will grab information from them specifically 
destinated for this module).
  - at the begging to have ability to choose level of guidance: basic 
(only few steps), normal, full...
what do you think about this? any comment will be apreciated!

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