[wp-hackers] Failure in import from LiveJournal

Pau Amma pauamma at gundo.com
Mon Apr 5 00:21:06 UTC 2010

On Sun, April 4, 2010 8:49 pm, Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) wrote:
>F ri, 2 Apr 2010 18:34:34 Pau Amma replied:
>> On Thu, April 1, 2010 8:21 pm, Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) wrote:
>>> Import, I suspected it might be a mess ... I think this deserves
>>> some effort.
>> If you don't get any useful advice here, you may want to try posting in
>> the lj_dev LiveJournal community. (You'll need a LiveJournal account to
>> do that.)
> Since I'm trying to migrate my own LJ, that requirement is met. ;-)
> Seems to me, though, that there's more reason for there to be interest
> here i.e. someone wants to leave the LJ system behind in order to use WP.

Or export their journal to have a local backup, or move it elsewhere but
still keep their account active to interact with others.

> It would be odd for LJ to support that. It would make sense for WP to
> make that process bullet-proof.

There's a lot LJ does that looks odd to many, including long-term
users.:-) I'm one of the maintainers of the lj_dev community (volunteer
position), and there's been a number of discussions/questions (and
answers) about exporting journals.

> I take your point, and thanks. I just can't imagine why someone who has
> successfully migrated their blog away from LJ would be active in that dev
> group.

export != migration. But it's your call. :-)

> Anyhow, this need isn't going to evaporate, and my blog is still frabbed,
> so I'm going to spider this and persist.
>  p.s. apologies if I missed other replies

I didn't see any, but I may have missed some too.

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