[wp-hackers] GSoC - easier integration of websites as themes

Your neighborhood Dukebag dukebag at spintheweb.org
Sat Apr 3 21:43:48 UTC 2010

Hi there,

Below is the summary of a proposed plugin called no-code.  This idea was
inspired by the existing challenges of integrating web design with a CMS,
and more loosely on Andy Clarke's Walls Come Tumbling Down
<http://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?918> .  My hope for this plugin is that
authoring themes becomes less about integration and more about using
WordPress as a powerful tool.

Feedback very much appreciated!


Mike Whitfield


no-code will be a WordPress plugin that interfaces with existing web pages
to integrate them as WordPress themes.  This plugin intends to take a
similar, but slightly different approach from Daryl Koopersmith's Elastic
<http://elastictheme.org/> . 

no-code offers the web page designer a much more fluid way of building
websites.  WordPress is a no-brainer, but integrating with the Theme API
poses an additional layer of decision-making on the designer.  This makes an
already complicated task more complicated.  The alternative is to build the
website first and then integrate with WordPress, but this too can be

Using a JavaScript overlay intended to be similar in nature to Opera
Dragonfly or Firebug for Mozilla Firefox, no-code will allow users to select
elements in an already existing web design and link them with the basic
WordPress functions/variables.  For instance, the <h2> text "CSS Variables:
A Simple Approach" could be highlighted and associated with the article
title field.  no-code would then generate associated Theme files replacing
"CSS Variables: A Simple Approach" with <?php the_title(); ?>.  no-code
intends to be scalable by merely generating theme code that can be modified.
In the case of more complex variables/instructions or even
conflicted/erroneous selections, no-code can still benefit the user by
accommodating the majority of contexts.  Note: JavaScript would be intended
as a requirement only for theme generation, not the live WordPress theme.


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